This my diy Halloween wreath. The supplies I used I purchased from The Dollar Tree.  Everything was just a 1 dollar. The following is a list of supplies needed for this particular wreath.

  1. 3 colors of decomesh. These are 5 yard rolls. One roll each color is needed,orange, black, and purple.
  2. 1 14 inch wire wreath frame
  3. 1 roll of spider web tulle for door hanger. You will only use about 20 inches.
  4. Pipe cleaners (color of your choice)
  5. 2 glitter bats
  6. 1 glitter spider
  7. Glitter berry bush (optional)

Total cost: $9.00

I won’t do a full tutorial. I will give my instructions. I started this wreath using 1 color of mesh on 3 of the 4 rings of the wreath. On the outer ring I used black deco mesh. The middle I used purple and orange on the inner layer. I did this using the standard pouf technique. When I finished I noticed it did not look as full as I wanted. I decided to cut 10 inch strips of the remaining mesh. I used the spiral technique to fill in the wreath. I tied a strip of spider web tulle to hang my wreath.

Wine bottle diy

Ok, so this my actual first blog post. I’m very excited about starting my blog. I would like to share one of my diy projects.  I used an empty wine bottle for this project. First, I painted the bottle with black chalk paint. I, then let the paint dry. I wrapped some jute twine around the top of the bottle. I also wrapped some burlap around the bottom. I found these cute flowers at the dollar tree. The flowers also had clips on the back. All I had to do was clip the flower onto the burlap. I also found the cute hydrangea flowers at dollar store. Viola, here is my diy wine bottle.